Viña San Pedro – 1865


1865 wanted to cultivate a brand image that would cleverly express the unique quality of its distinguished wines. The grapes used to create 1865’s wines come from just one single vineyard. In this sense, its winemaking process is all about purity and precision. This is what drove us to investigate other worlds related to precise actions.


Having explored a range of possibilities, we began working on a conceptual parallel between 1865 and golf: the importance of the land’s quality, the effects of the wind, the notes that golfers and winemakers make when focusing on their individual crafts and the need for precision.

Without precision, a hole in one is impossible. Precision is essential to the craft of 1865, because the grapes used to make this wine come from a single vineyard. This means there’s no opportunity to improve imbalanced finishes by blending with grapes from other vineyards. Even the brand name, 1865, links the wine to the world of golf, as the 18th hole is notoriously known for being most complicated of all and a score of 65 is one that all golfers aspire to.


With these clear parallels in mind, the brand video that we crafted focused on clean, clear lines and spaces. A golfer, placed in the middle of a black room, prepares to take his driving shot. He throws a piece of grass up into the air to check the wind and we cut to shots of the wind traveling across Viña San Pedro’s vineyards. The golfer lifts the club and lines appear, marking the precise circular shape of his swing. As the golf ball drops into the hole, we shift to a bottle of 1865 and watch as the wine is served into a glass.

This clear, precise, comparative structure is respected throughout the entire video, drawing clear parallels between winemaking and golf as well as emphasizing 1865’s unique nature.


We captured the same parallel narrative between winemaking and golf in a single key visual via a series of images that were organized into a sequence of actions from top to bottom, left to right. It’s a format that shows the swing of the golfer, step by step, culminating in a direct correlation between the brand and hole 18, par 65 in golf.

We worked using a clean palette of black, grey, red, white and green, colors associated with golf and those found on 1865’s packaging.

Each wine from a single vineyard.


Wine consumers in Korea.

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