Viña Tarapaca – Rosario Estate Interactive App


Over the past few years, Viña Tarapaca has been striving to better understand its principal estate, Rosario, in order to improve the quality of its wines. After extensive studies to identify soil types, water capacity and biodiversity, DAf was invited to find a high-impact, digital way of presenting a wealth of technical information to clients and journalists.

Launch Interactive Website (Desktop Only)


Considering the project’s scope, we began by conducting a thorough analysis of the material available in order to understand every facet of the Rosario Estate. At the same time, our digital team entered into an extensive investigation of related digital platforms.

The needs of the target consumer played a major role in determining how we would present the information. Content had to be paramount. We identified six principal components of the estate: Rosario Estate, a general overview; Soil; Terrain; Climate; Biodiversity; and of course, The Wine. We chose to offer a macro-to-micro view of each area that would respond to individual user desire and time. The option of accessing general overviews or highly detailed information would be available at all times.

The design phase proved to be quite challenging. The function of the site was clear, but the design was more complicated. We chose to develop a fairly standard website, inspired by National Geographic maps and charts. We toured the vineyard with head winemaker, Sebastián Ruíz, to mark the areas where we planned to film, and we created a 3D interactive render of the vineyard.

Content is everything


Rosario Estate is a one-of-a-kind platform that breaks down the intricacies of more than 700 hectares of vineyards so that clients and journalists can better understand the natural clos of the Maipo Valley.

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