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When Bodega Volcanes de Chile produced a special new icon wine, they came to DAf to help name it, create a brand storytelling to present to market and design packaging worthy of its icon status.

The wine itself was an experimental blend of Petit Verdot and Petite Syrah, two little-used grapes in Chile. It would be released in key markets worldwide, with a particular focus on China.
Viña Volcanes

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A special wine grown in volcanic soils carefully chosen by the winemaker to nurture these two unusual grapes, this new vintage deserved a powerful name. Through a process of tastings, analysis of the soil’s qualities and a strategic overview of the key markets and what they look for in a super premium wine, DAf began to explore names that referred to the properties of the volcanic soil that makes this wine unique.

The effect of the mineral-rich soils on the grape informed the brand naming and storytelling. Ígneo is a nod to the brand’s volcanic heritage and a Latin word that can be easily pronounced in a variety of languages.

The name inspired a packaging design that would really stand out, featuring a black label with both black and glinting orange-gold foil to represent the wine’s fiery name. The bold design was complemented by an elegant font to ensure the wine kept its premium quality.
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It takes time to create an icon.

It’s the result of perfect conditions. The optimum balance of elements. Volcanoes are Chile’s icon. They define our extensive land, forming the country’s spine from the sun-baked desert of the north to the frozen landscapes of the south.

Volcanoes have also influenced our icon. Our wine. Just like these landscapes were formed by mountain ranges, our wine was shaped by ancient volcanoes that erupted throughout the centuries and millennia, releasing incandescent igneous rock that nourishes the earth and gives life to the land, infusing it with iron, magnesium and potassium.

Our wine, born of volcanic soils, is as iconic as Chile’s smoking mountains. This is why we named it in honor of the rock that gave these vines life.

Ígneo: The maximum expression of our volcanoes.
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“I want to gratulate the DAf team on the label design for our wine Ígneo. We’re very happy with the label—it receives positive comments from everyone, so we appreciate your great work.” said our client. “It’s clear that the attention to detail was worth it. We have no doubt that DAf will continue achieving such results in the future!”

The maximum expression of our volcanoes.

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