Voveti – Italian classic, modern luxury


The result of two visionary winemaking families, VOVETI transmits a very particular Italian style but is, without a doubt, an all-American brand. It’s the GUCCI of Proseccos; a classic sparkling with a modern, social edge. The challenge we faced was to craft a striking brand video that would make VOVETI stand out from its more traditional competitors.


We worked with a sophisticated monochrome palette to appeal to our cool, hip, social media-savvy target audience. The sleek, granite bar surfaces not only reflect the brand’s smooth, black bottle, but they also accentuate VOVETI’s luxurious quality.

We developed a rhythmic, synthetic soundscape to express the brand’s modern edge. We played with the “o” on the VOVETI bottle, unravelling it to form a series of dynamic orange strips that energetically break free, swirl and dance; their movements beckoning the Millennial target audience to interact and feel connected.


We opted for a highly modern, multi-platform design that incorporates the use of animation and subtle transitions. We were driven
by the brand’s elegant, timeless, Italian-inspired style, injecting fresh energy into the design by incorporating the use of video and 3D renders. The brand’s new packaging takes center stage and the selection of photography is sophisticated and modern.

A main priority in the development of this website was user experience. We began with a thorough analysis of the brand and the existing website, using specialist tools to detect navigation patterns. Our design had to be responsive and easily viewable via desktops, cell phones and tablets. We created navigation maps and wireframes on paper and online as a way of developing prototypes that would help us design the exact user experience that VOVETI’s Millennial target audience demands.

We improved the integration of all links to social media. Any images that are now added to VOVETI’s Instagram account, are instantly shared on this new website and all subscriptions to the Newsletter are completely automatic.

We knew that one of the functions of this new site was to increase sales, which is why we incorporated the wine locator into the design; a tool that allows users to find where to purchase VOVETI prosecco.

Freshness, finesse and personality


In addition to reflecting the brand’s style, the new website was developed to act as an information hub for wine consumers, members of the press, distributors, sommeliers and wine shop owners in the U.S.

The aim of the brand video was to drive consumer awareness and purchase intent amongst Millennials in the U.S. It was published on the new VOVETI website and shared with the internal sales and distributor teams at Freixenet USA to use out on the field.

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