Wines of Chile – Storytelling


Wines of Chile represents something we love dearly: Chilean wine. DAf began its journey into the world of wine and spirits in Chile, working with many of the country’s largest wineries. So when Wines of Chile came to us looking for a powerful storytelling that would reposition the image of Chilean wine across the globe, we were more than ready for the scale of the challenge.

It was time to put our creative talents to the test and cultivate a story that would represent all Chilean wine and capture the hearts of wine lovers all over the world.


We crafted the storytelling for internal use at Wines of Chile. At the time of writing, we are working closely with Wines of Chile to bring their story to life via a digital media campaign in the U.S., China and Brazil.


Chile’s wineries come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own story to tell and brands to represent. We began by focusing on the common denominators. Free from phyloxera and with utopia-like conditions, Chilean wine, in general, is natural, environmentally friendly, diverse and affordable.

Our team toiled with a number of creative concepts that would string the story of Chilean wine together, but the one that really stood out hinged on the world’s most gripping universal theme… Love.

Many foreigners who visit Chile are swept off of their feet by the beauty, the people, the wine. If they don’t end up emigrating to the country, they tend to turn into its unofficial ambassadors. They inspire others with their personal stories and experiences in the long, skinny country at the end of the world, and many can’t help but fall in love with Chilean wine.


Inspired by the experiences of foreigners and eager to change the face of Chilean wine worldwide, the storytelling we created for Wines of Chile recounts the adventures of a foreigner who visits the country in her early twenties and falls head over heels in love with Chilean wine. The storytelling is written in first person, encouraging a strong emotional connection between storyteller and story listener. It’s a real experience relating to Chile’s beauty, its people and its wine.

At the end of the storytelling, our protagonist explains how her friends and family joke around, saying that she’s Chile’s unofficial wine ambassador because she’s always talking about and sharing Chilean wine with others. Her love for Chilean wine is contagious, making all those around her want to try the range of diverse wines that Chile has to offer and she will be forever connected to Chile via Chilean wine. Happy reading!…..

“It was a love affair that began in my early twenties, when I was roaming around the driest desert in the world, eating potatoes, meat and seafood all from the same pot cooked in a hole in the ground, and then hopping around ancient ice fields, trying not to fall. The beauty, the people, the wine… Chile had captured my heart.

Years later, now far from that long, skinny country at the end of the world, I continue to explore Chile on a regular basis. A long-distance love affair with Sauvignon Blanc, Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon and not to mention the sparklings! It’s a whole world of wine with seemingly endless possibilities. And knowing that glass at the end of the day is Earth and people friendly… well, I’m sold.

It’s become a joke among my friends that I am Chile’s unofficial wine ambassador, and I wear the title with pride. There’s literally a Chilean wine for any and every moment. You know, it’s true what they say, there’s just something about Chile… once you come into contact with it, be it the land, the people, or especially the wine, you are forever changed…”

Falling in love with Chilean wine

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