Ysios – Cultivating the extraordinary


Pernod Ricard Winemakers approached DAf to create a number of brand assets for Ysios, a terroir-focused winery in the Spanish region of Rioja Alavesa. With products appealing to consumers with a high purchasing power, Ysios required key visuals and claims to position their masterbrand and five product lines, communicating and giving weight to their positioning statement of “Cultivating the remarkable”.


For Ysios, the concept “Cultivating the remarkable” takes root through the cultivation of the best grapes from the finest lots, and later connects to the concept of cultivation at a human level, though which the remarkable occurs in the relationships between people, then between people and the terroir of Rioja Alavesa. We worked with the campaign claim “Distinctive connections. Remarkable wines” to create a series of key visuals, both for the masterbrand and for separate product lines.


It is only through nurturing connections that we become enriched – we progress, we are refined, we enhance our lives. The intensely personal connections we develop nourish our life and in turn help us cultivate something remarkable. At Ysios, we capture the distinctive expressions of Rioja Alavesa terroirs by unlocking the secrets hidden within the soils of each of our small plot vineyards. Electing the exact moment to hand-pick the best grapes from distinctive lots of clay-limestone earth – carefully connected with our avant-garde winemaking mindset. It is this intense personal connection with each small lot vineyard framed by the backdrop of the majestic landscape that showcases the remarkable at Ysios. Ysios. Cultivate distinctive connections.



The key visuals reference these connections between nature and humankind; showing the aspects of the Rioja Alavesa terroir that result in each wine’s expression, alongside the curves of Ysios’ winery’s highly-original architectural design. Low saturation, low contrast and red-leading tones serve to highlight the bottle shot in each key visual, which is further accentuated through the sweeping signature symbol in foil that encases the bottle.


DAf created a campaign toolkit outlining the creative and communicational concept, purpose and use of brand manifiesto, claims and taglines; graphic guidelines for print and digital; and the correct use of all brand photography, color treatment, typographies and logo.


Original photography captures a range of hidden details throughout Ysios’ winery and natural surroundings. A special attention to color (low-contrast, desaturated style) creates a sensorial experience for the viewer.


The campaign is currently live in the Spanish and global markets.

Distinctive connections. Remarkable wines.

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