The characters of storytelling


Years of experience in the wine and spirits industry has shown us time and time again that an unforgettable story is the difference between brand success and brand greatness. Without a powerful story, brands have nothing to distinguish them from the rest. This is why storytelling has become the foundation of DAf’s creative process.

All wine and spirits brands lay claim to varying degrees of quality, and create campaigns that focus on flavor and aroma. But storytelling is the differentiator. Because a story can only ever belong to one brand, it has the power to turn any wine or spirit into a globally admired icon.

However, it’s not enough to simply understand the importance of storytelling. The challenge lies in the crafting of a great story. One which, as well as communicating a brand’s DNA, is charmingly simple, plays on universal, timeless themes and generates high impact. At DAf, we craft powerful stories by centering them on one of three principal areas of focus: Heritage and Tradition, Creative Concept and Attitude.

DAf Wine Agency The Characters of Storytelling
DAf Wine Agency The Characters of Storytelling



Established brands, for which history and origin are important, need brand storytelling that recounts true events. These are authentic stories that can be updated as necessary to meet the changing demands of new international generations of wine consumers.


Other brands require creative stories based on the core concepts that define their brand personality. Conceptual storytelling, when carefully constructed, has the ability to gain traction. By constantly repeating the core concept behind the storytelling in all communications and campaigns, what once began as a story transforms into a reality.


Then there are wine and spirits brands that need to veer away from traditional story structures and focus on communicating a certain attitude or conviction. These brands stand for something and are in search of like-minded consumers. Their stories are inspiring and often demand a call to action, centering on outlook and lifestyle.

Regardless of the focus, well-crafted storytelling is part of a brand’s DNA and can determine the success of all future campaigns. It’s a potent framework through which global, timeless icons are grown.


In the beginning there was a rather creative man who had a thing for wine. His skills related to design, animation and film, but his heart yearned to be in the vineyards and the bodega; to somehow be a part of that final work of art… a bottle of wine. So he gathered a team together of likeminded creatives and began to explore Chile, crafting concepts for some of the country’s most important wineries. And in this way, DAf was born first with wine, then with wine and spirits at its core.

A few years passed and the agency’s palate craved variety. DAf began to explore the United States, Argentina, Australia, Italy, Spain and France, growing wine and spirits brands into globally admired icons. Creative. Production. Digital. The agency grew from a sheer desire to share a profound understanding of wine and spirits with the world; to help brands forge timeless connections with their consumers through creative global thinking.

Even today, with more than 12 years experience and having become the creative agency for wine and spirits, DAf continues to crave more, never losing sight of what sets it apart from the rest: a love for, and expertise in, wine and spirits… everywhere.

DAf Wine Agency The Characters of Storytelling
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