France – Bollinger

Life Can Be Perfect


France’s Bollinger has crafted prestigious champagnes with character, distinguished by their elegance and complexity, since 1829. Their uncompromisingly independent spirit, dedicated to unostentatious achievement, presented us with a very particular challenge. We needed to find a creative and authentic way of personifying each champagne, whilst reflecting the brand’s quest for perfection.

The result was a series of four award-winning videos; a conceptual champagne saga that was creatively governed by the promise that “Life can be perfect”.
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Chasing the perfection of champagne and its universe of bubbles, we crafted this first video for Bollinger; a weaving of digital images with infinite details. Inspired by Bollinger’s philosophy of excellence, the flawless, circular, amber pearls illustrate the perfection of unity, whilst the bubbles gracefully merge together, daintily convincing us that “Life can be perfect”.


We crafted a second animated film for Champagne Bollinger under the same umbrella concept of excellence, this time drawing inspiration from Madame Bollinger’s garden. The essence of Bollinger Rosé is conveyed via a charming metaphor; its bubbles depicted as crystalline dewdrops, its peachy hue represented by a bed of gracefully-moving rose petals.

Pearls and petals combine to create elegant, fairytale-like bubbles that allude to the organic beauty of a butterfly’s chrysalis. The images are fresh and translucent and delicately paired with a pretty soundscape that carries us neatly into a fantasy land where “Life can be perfect”.


La Grande Année is the third video in the four-part series. Inspired by the warmth and elegance of the wooden barrels used to complete the first fermentation process of La Grande Année, we created a world of noble materials, bathed in intimate light and soothing textures.

The film tells the magical story of two wooden pearls, one of a dark shade representing the Pinot Noir, the other of a lighter color illustrating the Chardonnay. In this original scenery, the pearls meet in a dynamic ballet across “the slopes of creation”; a captivating dance from origin to bottle. As the video reaches its climax, and the pearls merge together to create the blend, La Grande Année is revealed and we’re reminded that “Life can be perfect”.


For the last video in the series, we crafted a conceptual video that captures the exact moment in which Bollinger’s legendary Côte aux Enfants red wine is paired with the traditional vintage blend, giving rise to La Grande Année Rosé.

As the video begins, a deep burgundy crystal interrupts a clear, translucent body of white, setting an array of crystals in motion that majestically express the exuberant quality of this special vintage. The geometric, ordered, microscopic structure of the crystals succinctly represents the intensely rigorous procedure that Bollinger follows in order to cultivate champagnes of the highest quality.

Remaining true to the theme of this four-part saga, the crystalline particles of burgundy and white gradually transform into the elegant Bollinger bottle, reminding us that “Life can be perfect”.


With these videos we targeted the champagne world in general. Additionally, each video appeared in open events, sponsored by Bollinger, including a number of high-class sporting events.

An award-winning, four-part champagne saga.

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