Jacobs Creek – Ipad app


Jacob’s Creek’s brand ambition is to be the leading premium wine in the world. Drawing on 160 years of winemaking heritage, it has stayed true to its values, beliefs and passion for making great quality wines. The challenge was to find an interactive way of immersing wine lovers in the brand’s rich history; to tell the story of Jacob’s Creek’s true origin, whilst at the same time introducing wine consumers to its new logo design.


Taking into account the brand’s strong pillars, DAf responded with a creative proposal for the development of a campaign that would establish the ‘Always Stay True’ positioning. We crafted a brand video and interactive iPad app to express the synergy between Jacob’s Creek’s brand values and the personal values of its target consumer.


DAf developed an interactive iPad app to further share Jacob’s Creek’s story of origin. Through touch screen technology, we invited the target audience to learn about the brand, the vineyards and the wines. One of the challenges was to offer an all-round experience for interested users, which is why some sections relate to brand history and other sections focus on the brand’s collection of wines.


Sales force and distributors of Jacob’s Creek across the globe.

160 years of winemaking heritage


At the beginning of the brand video, coffee-colored strips, resembling roots, begin to make their way down the screen. These strips are used throughout the video to tell the story behind Jacob’s Creek’s wine, changing shape to depict roots, grapes on the vine and wine consumers. The strips have a life of their own, they’re smooth and luxurious and they convert into the new Jacob’s Creek’s logo at the end of the video.

The new logo plays with perceptual illusions, with the creek in the middle, two leaves symbolizing the two vineyards either side of the creek and two veins running through the leaves, which actually form the outline of a wine glass. The element that is first recognizable is a question of perception. It was important to show the creek and the two vineyards in the logo, as Jacob’s Creek is a real place and the brand wanted to use the “Always stay true” campaign to emphasize truth, heritage and origin.

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