Trivento – Epic origin



With a diverse portfolio of premium to super premium wines, and specialization in Malbec from the Mendoza region, Trivento is Argentina’s most powerful wine brand in the European market.

Translating roughly as “three winds”, Trivento is an evocative name, though the brand realized global consumers did not readily make this connection. Based on this insight they came to DAf with a clear challenge: A new campaign, including a brand video and key visual, to give meaning to Trivento’s name, link it to the premium quality of its wines and support consumer recognition of their icon, newly emblazoned across bottles.


Throughout the year, Mendoza is visited by three winds: the zonda, subestrada and polar. Though each wind is seasonal and distinct, they are not linked in a literal sense to the region’s excellent reputation for winegrowing.

Discounting an enological rationale for the winds, DAf returned to its roots in storytelling. Our team drew from the force and strength inherent in the concept of wind to tell the creation myth of the Mendoza region, with the three winds as protagonists.


DAf traveled to Mendoza to film this tale on-location in the foothills of the Andes mountains, Uspallata Valley and Trivento’s own vineyards in the Uco Valley.

Footage of Mendoza’s mountains and vineyards was filmed by drone and camera, and later transformed using CGI, adding storm clouds, lightning and other weather conditions.


They say that many years ago, long before history was written down, the area we now call Mendoza was desolate and inhospitable. The forgotten lands were rocky and parched. There was no rain. There was no sun. There was no life.

The land was battered by two great winds.They were like impulsive, living things; crashing into each other and creating whirlwinds from which nothing could escape.

One day, the winds grew unusually fierce. They became dense and dark, and twisted into a hurricane so savage that the Andes struggled to remain upright and the land fought to avoid being split in two. Suddenly, a third wind arrived and joined forces with the other two. But instead of creating an even more terrible storm, something happened that even the winds themselves could not have anticipated: The three winds grew calm. The rains came, followed by warm sun and cool evening breezes. The earth took form, revealing sand, clay and smooth rocks. The land blossomed with trees, flowers and vines.

This is how three winds balanced the elements of a valley, molding it into the ideal land for growing wines and revealing the symbol that has guided us ever since. And so it is that we remain here to this day, sustained by the strength of our icon and creating wines with epic origins.


They say that many years ago,

long before history was written down

the area we now call Mendoza

was battered by two winds.

One day they were joined by a third wind.

But instead of an even greater storm,

their union created calm…and life.

This is how three winds combined

to create the ideal land for growing wine,

and revealed the symbol that has guided us to this day.


DAf filmed on-location in the mountainous region of Mendoza, and afterwards integrated CGI and after effects, in order to show the building storm.


Based on the concept “Discover an epic origin”, the key visual shows the revelation of Trivento’s icon in the midst of Mendoza’s newly born winemaking region.

Discover an epic origin.

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