Clos Apalta


Clos Apalta came to DAf in search of a new brand video that would reflect its winemaking philosophy: an attention to detail, resulting in the elaboration of high quality wines. With estate-grown grapes used to craft every bottle of Clos Apalta, we wanted to share the entire process of making wine from vineyard to cellar.



The video relies on a simple narrative structure. The viewer is invited to follow the life of a Clos Apalta grape from vine to bottle, experiencing the rich detail and care behind the winemaking process.

The real challenge of this project lay in the hands of DAf’s post-production team, focusing on each transition to ensure that the flow from vine, to picking, to fermentation, to ageing and to bottling remained as natural as possible. This organic flow reflected the natural evolution of the grape from vine to wine, which is one of the reasons why it was important to avoid abrupt transitions from one stage to the next.

To move simply from the vineyard into the cellar, we filmed a vine leaf as it brushed across the camera and provided the transition needed to move as organically as possible from outdoor to indoor. To indicate the passing of time at the ageing stage of the winemaking process, we relied on lighting, filming one of the barrels in the cellar as the lights were switched off and staying with the shot until the lights we switched back on again, symbolizing a natural lapse in time.



Knowing that the transitions were going to be crucial to the development of this video in the post-production stage, we worked closely with the illustrators on our creative team to craft a detailed storyboard of the video’s narrative prior to filming. It would be used to set the tone, style and angle of each shot to begin constructing the natural flow of grape from vine to bottle from the very early stages.


This video was principally developed for the brand’s B2B communications.

A natural evolution from vine to wine

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