Emiliana – Organic vineyards


Emiliana is an organic and biodynamic winery that truly commits to its winemaking philosophy. In harmony with nature is this winery’s foundation. It was the central concept that Emiliana wanted to communicate in just one Key Visual. People, animals and nature, all living together in harmony.


Adobe, Novas, Signos de Origen and Coyam. Each of Emiliana’s wines has a very distinctive style, but each one needed to be clearly represented in the same Key Visual. It became apparent that a natural setting, amidst Emiliana’s vineyards, would be vital to the successful execution of the winery’s corporate image.


We crafted a Key Visual that features the head enologist, a group of wine consumers and a range of animals that originally co-existed within the Los Robles vineyards, an extension covering various hectares located in the south of Chile. By placing people and animals together, we were able to loyally express the spirit of harmony and respect for the environment, fundamental to Emiliana’s winemaking philosophy.


Millennial consumers new to the wine industry, with a particular emphasis on the US and Europe. Consumers who are open to new products, environmentally and socially conscious, interested in “cool” brands with attitude.

Harmony is everything.


We’re waiting to cultivate your story.