Eristoff Gold – Desenvuelve el Caramelo


Bacardi vodka brand Eristoff approached DAf for a key visual and tagline to launch their gold vodka to a university-student target in the Chilean market. Low in alcohol with a unique caramel flavor, the product was entirely different from other products in the flavored vodka categories.


DAf worked on a strategy to enhance the brand’s uniquely sweet flavor, as unlike other vodka products, which are commonly floral and fresh, Eristoff Gold is temptingly sweet and strikingly candy-like.

Creative explorations worked to expand this intriguing candy world, infusing pop-art styles with caramel textures. Eventually, the design team focused on a deep swirling caramel pattern, creating a mesmerizing background for the key visual.


The tagline further conveyed the vodka’s candy-allure, likening the bottle to a sweet treat: “Unwrap Caramel”.

The bottle itself was partly wrapped in a gold wrapping paper, further adding to the treat-like appeal of the product.


The sweet, rich concept was adapted to video capsules and images for the brand’s to-be-launched social media.

Mouthwatering caramel…the ultimate treat.

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