Famiglia Zonin – Dos Almas


The Zonin winemaking family approached DAf to help them tell the story of a new venture creating their first Chilean wines. For the project, a new brand called Dos Almas (Two Souls), created with Chilean winegrowers, the Italian experts wanted to produce a storytelling and a brand video to launch to consumers, the trade and journalists.


Steeped in nearly 200 years of winemaking tradition, the Zonin family is one of the most important wine producers in Italy. But this was their first venture in Chile and the Southern Hemisphere. DAf decided to play on the name of Dos Almas and create a storytelling based around the idea of a winemaking family being guided by the Southern Cross to find its perfect soul mate on the opposite side of the world. The result of the odyssey brought together Italian winemaking culture and Chilean terroir in perfect harmony.

“There is a passion that knows no borders,
that crosses oceans and continents and unites hemispheres.

The drive for perfection can connect polar opposites, inspire adventurers, create visionaries and intertwine two worlds in perfect harmony. Under the watchful gaze of the Polar Star, the Zonin family spent generations perfecting their wines cultivated in vineyards across Italy’s seven finest wine regions. But that desire for perfection, for sharing the best of their wine-making heritage, could never be confined to one country. They were drawn to another terroir. Equal in character, complementary, but a polar opposite. The Zonin family discovered the ideal conditions to start making wines on the other side of the world. Combining the best of Italy and Chile.

Like explorers, guided by the light of the stars to circumnavigate the globe, the Zonin family found their perfect soul mate. Beginning their journey under the glimmer of the Polar Star, they set their course towards the beckoning Southern Cross, where Chile, the second soul of their story,
lay in patient wait.

They arrived to discover a land of mountains, coast and sun-baked valleys, infused with an essence of promise. It was a country that reflected their style, a place where they could channel the family’s near-200 years of Italian winemaking expertise, combine it with a wide diversity of terroirs, microclimates and local expertise and create fine Chilean wines with a distinct Italian character. A blend of passion and terroir. Rooted in Italian history and nurtured in the pristine vineyards of Chile.

And so Dos Almas was born.”


Once DAf had created the storytelling, two strong themes emerged on which to base the brand video: navigating a way to new lands using the stars, and the idea of two souls existing on opposite sides of the world, the perfect mirror of each other. Using animation, DAf created an upside-down world, a reflection of the quality Italian vineyards, but a world away, to tell the story of a soul mate waiting to be discovered. A voiceover tells the story of the search and the navigation, guided by the Southern Cross, to discover this new land of plenty. Playing on the longstanding wine tradition of the Zonin family, the video creates a sense of history and discovery in the New World.


As the Zonin family launches Dos Almas to market, the storytelling and video created by DAf will be used to create brand awareness and introduce the project first to the USA, and then around the world.

The meeting of two souls

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