Wines of Chile – Love wine love chile


Wines of Chile came to DAf with one very clear goal in mind, to change the global perception of Chilean wine forever.

It was time to shift away from Chile’s long-standing reputation as a producer of good wine at affordable prices and grow an iconic brand image, synonymous of quality, diversity and innovation.

Watch the video below to discover the entire process, from storytelling to campaign implementation.


Experts in creative global thinking for the wine and spirits industry, DAf knew that the only way to make real changes would be to start at the beginning, the place from where all timeless, compelling brands are born; a powerful and original storytelling. We cultivated a story about the most gripping universal theme on Earth… Love.

It was an adventure about a foreigner in Chile, who gradually becomes the country’s Unofficial Wine Ambassador, and shares their passion for Chilean wine with friends and family back home. We crafted a story about connections. A graceful, expressive invitation to wine consumers all over the world to pour, taste and fall in love.


We brought the storytelling’s central character to life in a dynamic testimonial campaign designed for digital platforms in the U.S., China and Brazil. Its name?… Love Wine, Love Chile.

The diversity of Chilean wine, a key pillar in Wines of Chile’s communications, was reflected in the special lettering that developed for the campaign and its changing color palette: yellow for the USA, salmon for China and green for Brazil.


We created three key visuals with original photography, one for each market: USA, China and Brazil. In each key visual, the central character holds the wine glass close to his or her heart. Their look is penetrating and their bodies directly face the camera. These three visual codes reflect the campaign’s testimonial spirit and reflect the emotional connection, the love, that each character felt when travelling across Chile.


We travelled across Chile with each character, documenting their personal experiences with Chilean wine along the way. The USA character travelled to the south of Chile, the China character to the north and the Brazil character to the central zone.

From the extensive material that we filmed in each journey, we created three 30-second teasers, each designed to relate the story of an unofficial wine ambassador who falls in love with Chilean wine in a heartbeat. These teasers were then used by our digital creatives to grab the attention of social media users in USA, China Brazil, inviting them to watch the full-length documentaries and discover more about Chilean wine.


The three documentaries, each one around two minutes in length, relate personal experiences with Chilean wine. They are testimonials of recorded events, those truly lived by the three foreigners who travelled across Chile, tasting Chilean wine. DAf was entrusted with both the filming and post-production process of each documentary.


Whilst travelling across Chile with the three central characters, DAf was also responsible for the development of a wide portfolio of photographs to accompany the key visuals, videos and digital strategies of this campaign.


Music and lyrics were specially created for Love Wine, Love Chile, reinforcing the central concept of the campaign: love, personal experience and foreigners who gradually become unofficial ambassadors for Chilean wine.


As well as managing the social media campaign for Love Wine, Love Chile in Brazil, DAf was also responsible for setting creative and strategic guidelines for the development of digital material for Love Wine, Love Chile in USA and China.

Determined to expand on the idea of unofficial wine ambassadors who share Chilean wine with friends and family in their home countries, DAf’s digital creatives created a wide range of social media strategies to encourage online users to taste, share and learn about Chilean wine from afar.

One of these strategies, Wines of Chile Parties, invites Instagram users to throw Chilean wine parties at home in Brazil with the help and support of DAf’s digital team in Chile. DAf ensures that wine for 30 people, wine glasses and a budget that can be used to buy food to pair with the wine, is delivered to those holding the parties. In the middle of the celebration, the unofficial wine ambassador records an Instagram Story and publishes that story via his or her Instagram channel in real time.

Another strategy employed by DAf’s digital creatives has been to hold Twitter Chats related to individual grape varieties, #LoveCabernetLoveChile or #LoveChardonnayLoveChile, for example. These Twitter Chats have lasted between one to four hours, during which users have asked questions about each grape variety and have had the opportunity to learn a little more about Chilean wine.


With the unmistakable DNA of a powerful storytelling in place, “Love Wine, Love Chile” has grown to form part of Wines of Chile’s long-term brand strategy and occupies a strong presence in Trade Fairs.


Wine consumers and potential wine consumers in USA, China and Brazil.

My friends joke that I’m Chile’s unofficial wine ambassador

We’re waiting to cultivate your story.