Frontera – Cocktails anyone


Backed by Frontera’s diverse character, wines for all kinds of people and tasty moments, we developed a special campaign that would offer a new, entertaining and creative way of enjoying wine.


Cocktails was a creative campaign, influenced by modern consumer tendencies, the kind of campaign that would appeal to a range of ages and cultures with an interest in trying something new. As a way of matching the campaign’s fun attitude, DAf combined a range of creative ingredients and drew on extensive wine industry experience to create simple and fun recipes with globally available ingredients.

The video was produced especially for social media channels, which greatly influenced its sharp, snappy style. Each cocktail is presented through the use of quick and entertaining edits, staying true to Frontera’s energetic, fun and diverse personality.


Wine consumers in the USA and Latin America who would be open to trying something new; consumers who follow modern tendencies and who are always ready for change.

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