Frontera, a quality wine available at an exceptional price, is one of the highest selling wines in the world, but there was little differentiating its brand image. It was time to shift away from the classic, distant and traditional image of “Chile in a glass”, influenced by the natural environment of four geographical borders – The Andes, The Patagonia, The Atacama Desert and The Pacific Ocean – and cultivate a simple, attractive brand image that would loyally reflect the incredible diversity of Frontera’s collection.


Frontera’s greatest differentiator is variety. There’s literally a Frontera wine for all kinds of people and moments. For this reason DAf’s creatives developed a brand video and a key visual that a range of consumers in all kinds of situations could identify with. Picnics, lunches, dinners, parks, houses, apartments and beaches. Whites, reds and rosés. Sandwiches, pasta, meats and salads. We cultivated the story of a highly versatile and simply delicious range of wines.

Simply Delicious was such a hit, both with consumers and the Frontera team, that our creatives are now working closely with the brand on a second campaign to elevate the claim “Simply Delicious” to the position of brand tagline.




Wine consumers in the USA and Latin America were the primary target, but the campaign also made its way to Europe. The brand video was crafted especially for digital channels, but in some small European countries it appeared as a television commercial.

For all kinds of people and tasty moments.

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