Gran Reserva Tarapaca


Gran Reserva Tarapacá wanted to strengthen its positioning as an emblematic wine brand, relevant for all wine consumers across the world. The challenge was to craft a powerful Storytelling and an equally captivating campaign that would present Gran Reserva Tarapacá as “The Great Reserve from Chile”.


Viña Tarapacá is founded on more than 100 years of tradition and heritage in winemaking in the Maipo Valley, dating all the way back to 1874. It’s a wine of exceptional quality, considered one of the best wines in the world.


Elegant, memorable and expressive of origin, Gran Reserva Tarapacá is beautifully presented within a very particular bottle; the source behind DAf’s powerful storytelling…

“When one of the typical glass bottles from Bordeaux breaks at the feet of Gran Reserva Tarapacá’s head winemaker, he commissions an expert artisan to craft a special bottle that will forever protect the exceptional wine it holds within. To celebrate the occasion, the winemaker orders a distinctive mark to be impressed on the glass, an emblem that depicts Tarapacá’s magnificent mansion and origins in Isla de Maipo. This beautifully marked bottle represents the winery’s dedication to protecting its wine’s extraordinary character, from vine to bottle; a tradition that has been maintained until this very day.”


Using the Storytelling as our base, we crafted three brand videos reflecting Quality, Origin and Occasion, pairing each one with a particular wine.

The video that focuses on Quality was paired with The Perfect Blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and focused on expressing the wine’s superior value. The second video, Origin, was paired with Tarapacá’s best Cabernet Sauvignon, strengthening the brand’s connection to history and tradition. The third video is all about Occasion. Paired with Savoir Faire, the script developed by DAf’s creatives recounts the story of a great wedding celebration made even more memorable over a bottle of Gran Reserva Tarapacá.

Despite the small changes to certain elements of each video, basic characteristics are maintained throughout. The differences between each script are subtle. The central ideas “beauty within”, “singular place” and “jewel, passioned inside” create continuity. Each video harks back to the Storytelling, as we watch the expert artisan create the special Gran Reserva Tarapacá bottle and delicately emblazon the mansion emblem across its surface. The colors are rich, the light is warm and the music is inspiring.

We then carefully combined the individual concepts behind each of the three videos in a final Mother Video.






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A unique wine in a unique bottle.

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